DIY Facemask Ingredients to Buy and Eat When You’re Drunk

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Store-bought facemasks can be luxurious, but are usually full of artificial ingredients and super expensive. If you have these simple ingredients around, save some cash by making your own wholesome facemask that you can also shove in your mouth when you get home from a night out and can’t afford Seamless. It’s not your fault that you’re wasted and need a snack right now and buying organic ingredients to make facemasks left you with no money left over to buy food meant for eating!! Oh well, yum!



With its natural oils and Vitamins B and E, avocado is the perfect ingredient to hydrate even the driest skin. Too bad you won’t have any left tomorrow morning when you wake up and see the glitter-speckled bags under your tired, bloodshot eyes—but that avocado, egg and cheese sandwich you threw together last night was so satisfying. This is the perfect drunk snack that’ll leave your roommates saying, “Are you sure you were okay to use the stove last night? We’ve talked about this.”



It’s not just something people do in movies: Placing cucumbers over your eyes can reduce under eye puffiness in the morning, calm redness before bed, or crack you up at 3 AM when you go into your roommate’s bed pretending to be a cucumber eye monster. Great with hummus!!



Oranges are great to have around for exfoliating, rejuvenating masks. Just a splash of citrus can brighten any wan, washed-out face! Or you could make a quick mimosa when you wake up still drunk and decide that it’s okay if your face looks like an angry 19th-century ghost. Yum!



Bananas are cheap, easy to keep around, and great for all skin types. Better yet, break out the whole bunch when you bring home your latest conquest from Hilary’s 30th birthday. Not only is it super hydrating, but it’ll also soak up the tequila shots you took earlier that night. Don’t worry about leaving the peels on the counter—it won’t make the fruit fly problem any worse than it already is.




This tropical ingredient will transport your mind to a tranquil beach when you blend it with honey and spread it gently across your T-zone. There’s no way you’d spend the money to buy organic papaya for eating, so tell yourself it’s a money-saver by comparing it to an absurdly priced face mask from Sephora, and then bite right into this juicy fruit while wearing your tiniest bikini over your pajamas after a long night out. Life is about taking chances!



A yogurt facemask has the magical ability to banish pesky pimples. You can tell yourself this after a bottle of wine on Saturday night while making a strawberry facemask by blending up Greek yogurt, fresh berries, and a touch of honey, which you’ll definitely drink and not put on your face. Bonus: You’ll have a lot of dishes to do tomorrow to distract yourself from your speckled, blemished cheeks!


Each of these ingredients has unique properties that seem tailor-made for DIY facemasks or smashing all together in a bowl and eating in bed with your wreck of a face shoved against your unwashed pillowcase. Cheers!