Decorating Tips That Will Make Your Apartment Look Like Everyone Else’s

Whether you’ve just signed on your first apartment or you’ve been living in the same place for years, one thing is for sure: You need to decorate! Being an individual is way too time consuming for the average renter. Save time with decorating ideas that will make your apartment look exactly like that other brunette twenty-something with Amélie bangs in your building. We’ve compiled some decorating tips that will say, “I’m just as unique as everyone else!”


Repurpose all the wood you can find.

Wood is amazing, and not just when you’re leaning against it for support—it’s also great for accent pieces around your apartment! Find any piece of wood you can and repurpose it. For those who aren’t informed, “repurpose” means to take a ‘before’ picture, do some shit to that piece of wood, and then take an ‘after’ picture. That plank of wood could become a key rack, a doorstopper, or even a blue plank of wood! Remember, it only works if you post the transformation on Facebook, just like everyone else!


That bookshelf from Ikea? Paint it turquoise!

Awww yeahhh! This is the good stuff right here. So everyone your age makes the same amount of money and Ikea is the most affordable option—we get it! Not only will Shelby from 2B have that same Ikea bookshelf, but she’ll also paint it the favorite color of every girl who’s a real individual: turquoise!


All of your throw pillows should be Chevron-patterned.

The chevron pattern is a series of the letter “V” strung together. The “V” stands for “very on trend right now”. If you want an apartment that will show up on every Pinterest board named “Dreamy Apartment XOXO”, you are going to need Chevron throw pillows immediately. Like, immediately. Like, right now. Like, get up. Like, go to the freakin’ store immediately. Like, what’s wrong with your legs? Like, did you glue yourself to your Ikea couch? Oh, store’s closed? Head on over to, girl!


Place tiny boxes on every surface of your bathroom.

Is there a use for those boxes? No! Will Karen from 3L have at least 20 tiny decorative boxes in her bathroom? Yes. Does that mean you should have at least 20 as well? No!


Wait, are you stupid? We were joking! Of course the last answer is yes! Go to the Container Store and be yourself! AKA, buy lots of tiny boxes!




If you want your apartment to scream, “These ideas aren’t mine!” then throw up some twinkle lights! Every little girl wanted to be a fairy, right? Well now every little girl grew up into a woman who wants to be a fairy, and you’re included in that! Being included is fun!


Glitter dip mason jars and then, like, put stuff in them, y’know?

If you don’t pray to God daily and thank her for the invention of mason jars, you are living your life wrong! Mason jars are the most useful invention since jean jackets! (Seriously, you can layer a jean jacket over anything.) If you want your makeup brush holder to look like Chelsea’s and Kim’s and Kiki’s and Gemma’s and Marley’s and Clem’s and Tricia’s, then glitter dip that Mason jar hard! Just do it!


Fuck headboards. Use paint.

Who needs ‘em? Unless they’re made out of repurposed wood, headboards are out! Trust us, Bethany hasn’t had a headboard in two years; she just painted an outline of the World Map behind her bed because she’s unique just like you! Do it do it do it! Nowwwww!!!


Hang dozens of prints in different sizes in black frames on one wall and one wall only.

This trend is more popular than Hugh Grant in the 90s! If you’ve been in an apartment in the last two years that doesn’t have different sized prints in black frames hung purposefully non-parallel to each other, then you are probably dead!!!


Be warned, ladies: If you use all of these tips and your apartment matches those of your friends, you risk walking into your friends’ places, mistaking it for your own, taking off your pants, and standing bare-butt with the fridge door open while eating a 100-calorie pudding. If you’re comfortable with that risk, by all means, decorate away—you deserve it!