Are You An Indigo Child Or Just Really Dizzy?

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Adopting spiritual practices is a great way to stay grounded on your journey, until you spot the physical signs and symptoms that you might be an Indigo child. Indigo children are advanced spiritual beings, psychically evolved to bring healing energy to the world and raise the consciousness of the planet just by being here. But being an Indigo child also has its difficulties due to their sensitivity to the harshness of living on earth. Also, sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re an Indigo child or, you know, just kind of feeling really dizzy. Curious to know which side you fall on? Here are some helpful tidbits to keep in mind:


When’s the last time you drank water? Just plain water.

You really wanna check your hydration levels before claiming to be a lightworker and/or healer of lost souls, trust us. Be sure to ask yourself: is your physical body stuck in third dimensional reality, or did you just “come to” after six hours of poppers and basement dancing? Your answer may surprise you!


Were you recently on a spinning teacup ride?

Disneyworld is great for spiritual expansion–it’s filled with wild children, which ups Indigo Child stats by default. In such a spiritually charged locale, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and shout, “I’m attuned to all that is!” after catching a natural high from the Mad Tea Party ride. While the euphoria may seem celestial, chances are you’ve got too much blood in your brain after whipping around a giant cup like a maniac.



Have you been training for a mission to space?

Don’t get me wrong: Space is the place. While blast-offs to the cosmos seem like the perfect place for Indigo children, the trained astronauts who explore it may not be Indigos. Astronauts train for missions through rigorous tests that can make you super dizzy and turn your brain into scrambled eggs. Thus, on the off chance you’re an astronaut with apparent Indigo qualities, you might want to re-examine your abilities.


Are You Bono?

Asking yourself this question is a dead giveaway toward revealing your soul’s purpose: to be or not be Bono. If you’re Bono, it’s clear that your charity work and delicious sunglasses make you a pretty enlightened specimen of life on Earth. But are you an Indigo Child? It’s a tough call–as impressive as you might be as a healer, you’ve also enjoyed immense success with U2’s 2004 single “Vertigo”—a glaring indication of dizziness. Plus you’re probably too old to be an Indigo child.


There you have it! Four telltale signs to help determine if you’re a luminary of human consciousness or, you know, feeling faint.