Dad Thinks TV Show About Trying to Make It but Failing ‘Right up Your Alley’

In tough news coming out of your hometown, your dad thinks that a show focused on a female protagonist trying to make it in her profession but ultimately failing in a hilarious way is “right up your alley.”


“She’s scrappy and likeable,” said your dad. “But everything in her professional and personal life is just a mess. Sound like anyone we know?”


Okay, ouch!


Your dad insists that it’s really a great show though, and that he thinks you’ll really relate to it, which is also the main reason you don’t want to watch it in the first place.


“She’s so self-sabotaging, but that’s what makes the show so good!” your dad went on to say. “I just think you’d really get a kick out of it.”


Yeah, or maybe it will make you want to go back to school and learn about stocks or something instead of “theatre arts and spirituality”.


“Your mom and I binged the whole thing in one night,” your dad told you. “We really want you to watch it and tell us what you think. Also, you’re welcome to come back home and stay with us as long as you want by the way!”



Aw, that’s cute, but also really discouraging!


You’re probably going to watch the show as soon as you get home from your day job, but it will be so much worse now that you’ll be viewing it through your father’s eyes, who thinks the main character is exactly like you. And he’s literally right! Bummer.