Cool! This Grandma Lived Through the Civil Rights Movement and Managed to Stay a Racist Anyway

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Plenty of people have hateful opinions, but most of them can subsequently unlearn them if presented with the correct information. Not so for Esther-May Huggins: This courageous, amazing woman lived through the Civil Rights Movement and managed to stay a racist regardless!


“It’s just the way I was raised,” said Esther-May. “I’m not a racist, I’m just set in my ways.”


Wow, it’s truly awesome that Esther spent her youth watching black people struggle and even die for the right to be considered equals and that didn’t change her mind at all!


Esther-May, who was alive and well and capable of learning when the federal government made segregation illegal, went on to explain her opinion.


“I guess I just wasn’t one of those hippies in the 60s who wanted a rainbow neighborhood,” said Esther-May. “I just think things were fine the way they were.”


“Besides, my grandkids have never said anything to me about it, and they’re as liberal as they come,” she added.


Of course they haven’t Esther-May, they want to stay in your will!


Friends of Esther-May think she’s being ridiculous.


“Now I admit that I used to be a bit prejudiced,” said Esther-May’s childhood girlfriend, Irma Lincoln. “But once I realized that black people were just humans who wanted to be treated with the same respect as every other human, it was a no-brainer. Esther-May is just kind of a bitch.”


“I know for a fact she used to go steady with a black man back in the 70s,” added Wilford Brinton, another old friend of Esther-May. “She never told her family, but I knew. So she’s not just a racist, she’s a hypocrite.”


But Esther-May, who was literally living in Washington DC on August 28th, 1963, isn’t gonna change anytime soon.


“I don’t understand all the hubbub,” Esther-May said. “I’m not a horrible person, I’m just from a different time.”


“You can’t expect me to change the opinions I’ve had for 75 years,” she added.


You’re right, Esther-May, you should’ve changed them 50 years ago!