Color of Pee Slightly Concerning but Also Fascinating

In a quickly developing story out of your toilet bowl, the color of your most recent pee was slightly concerning but also deeply fascinating to look at.


“It was sort of a neon green-yellow,” you report. “At first I chalked it up to my daily multivitamin, but I’ve been taking that for six months now. I’m a little worried, but also pretty intrigued about how this strange color could come out of my body?”


While sources confirm you are dehydrated, sources also confess you are always dehydrated so that’s not the variable factor here.



“I was motivated to research this strange phenomenon, so I Googled items such as, ‘yellow almost green bright pee??”’ and ‘neon pee am I dying’, but there was nothing conclusive,” you say. “Honestly, I wish I had brought it to a lab, both because I am worried I may have some sort of rare kidney disease, but also because I think it could be a major scientific breakthrough for them.”


Your friend of a friend who’s in med school weighed in on the marvel.


“I don’t know anything about neon yellow-green pee,” said Rachel Klein. “But she just drank a Monster beverage, so that might explain a lot.”


But the lack of wonder from Rachel only left you searching for answers and validation for this spectacular wonder of nature your body created.


“I woke my roommate up to tell him about it, and he just told me to drink more water,” you said. “It’s like he completely missed the point of how actually cool it was that my pee was that color.”


“But I have to persevere. I have a scientific discovery on my hands, and I’m going to share it with the world. And I guess drink some water, you know, just in case.”