CEO Actually Has Tons of Experience in the Service Industry as a Customer

In reassuring news coming out of New York, NY, the new CEO of a world-renowned restaurant chain announced in a recent interview that he has tons of experience in the service industry as a frequent customer.


Business experts report that this kind of experience is crucial in the restaurant industry, while also just making a great riches-to-riches story.


“I’m not new to the restaurant business at all,” James McKyle, CEO of Harold’s Pancake House told reporters. “I’ve been going to restaurants my entire life. Ordering around workers is like second nature to me!”


When asked about any changes McKyle is making to the popular food chain, and how he’s implementing measures for COVID safety at each restaurant, he was very candid about his next steps.


“Above everything, I want to make sure that my employees are safe,” he said. “Unless of course they make customers uncomfortable when asking them to put on a mask or keep their distance. After all, customer is king! At least that’s what I remember back in my day.”



Sources also report that his experience in the service industry helps him to identify more with the people who help keep his company successful, specifically the customers.


“I know what service workers have to deal with on a daily basis, and it can be pretty tough,” he said. “I know this because last time I was at a restaurant I screamed at a waitress because she gave me mineral water instead of tap. That sort of thing takes a psychological toll.”


“Proper training is important to me as well,” McKyle added. “That’s why I scream at my employees if I visit one of my own restaurants too. I just think it’s vital for them to know how to deal with someone giving them a really hard time for absolutely no reason.”


At press time, James McKyle is planning on another business venture by purchasing a hotel chain, telling reporters that he actually has lots of experience in the hospitality industry as well, as a guest.