Breaking the Glass Ceiling? This Woman Was a Pallbearer

It’s official: The glass ceiling is finally cracking! Just this weekend, Renee Robinson broke new ground when she was a pallbearer at her cousin’s funeral, who died tragically young.


Normally it’s the guys having all the coffin-carrying fun, but when Renee’s family started discussing who would be the pallbearers, Renee’s brother said, “Renee is pretty strong, and Uncle Dan has a back problem.”


Whoa! Talk about a true male ally!


Renee, who is 5’11” and regularly goes to CrossFit, was the perfect woman for the job, patriarchy be damned. Along with five men, Renee carried the casket all the way from the hearse, up the steps of the church and all the way up to the altar.


Everyone in attendance was blown away by this girl boss.


“I couldn’t really see it all through my tears,” says Renee’s cousin, Margery Robinson. “My brother tragically left two young children behind, but seeing Renee behind that casket made me feel like, wow, as a woman, I can do anything.”


Awww! Women supporting women!



Despite her barrier smashing, Renee stays humble.

“It’s not really a big deal? I mean it’s not hard to carry with everyone helping and I also kind of had bigger stuff on my mind.”


Sounds like this bitch has her eyes on a bigger prize! Get it, girl!