‘Both Parties Are Bad!’ Says Hometown Friend Who Made You Choose Between NSYNC and Backstreet Boys

After a brief, heated exchange on Facebook this week, your hometown friend Lara Kominski exclaimed, “Look, I’m undecided. Both parties are just as bad!” when some of her opinions were challenged.


Kominski, who once locked you in the closet until you were forced to say whether you prefer NSYNC or The Backstreet Boys, did not elaborate on why she still has not chosen a presidential candidate.


“I might just vote third party,” said Lara, who excommunicated a girl from your friend group for liking 98 Degrees. “There just aren’t really any good choices.”



As you remembered the time Lara meticulously ranked all her friends based on which boy band member they would lose their virginity to, you decided to press her on the topic.


“Sure, Trump did a bad job handling the pandemic, but what about what Hunter Biden did?” said Lara, who once punched a girl because she thought boy bands were ‘all bad’. “Explain that!”


When you tried to explain that, Lara responded with a “haha” emoji and left the conversation.