Blackfishing? This White Person Uses a Washrag

In a shocking and confusing development on a possible case of Blackfishing out of Seattle, WA, white person Silvia Marsh was found in possession of a washrag Sunday evening.


“Silvia had just moved in, and when I went to take a shower that day, I noticed that there was already a used washrag in the bathroom,” says roommate Mariam Jones .”It knew it wasn’t mine because it had blue chevron print on it. I was speechless. I thought white people just used soap and their hands. Should I be outraged? Is this a racist attempt at clout-chasing, or does she really want to cleanse and exfoliate? ”


“I definitely hear Mariam’s concerns and want to recognize my identity as a white person in this space,” says Silvia. “I’ve always used a washrag ever since I was a child. Are they exclusive to Black people? Am I allowed to have one?”


This discovery has spurred a heated debate on the origins of bathing, the washrag, and white supremacy amongst community members.


“The washrag is absolutely a part of Black history and culture,” says neighbor Vincent Wallace, a Ph.D. student in Black studies at Seattle University. “You must remember it was the Moors who taught the Europeans how to bathe. That is why I, as a white man, only use my fingers and 3-in-1 body wash to cleanse myself three times a month.”


Sources report that Silvia even scrubs her legs in the shower.


“She’s always been the odd one out. We don’t really know where she got it from,” says Dianne Marsh, Silvia’s mother. “I told her it’s not what our people do and that it was a waste of time because the water is going to run down there anyway, but she just won’t listen to me.”



While Silvia awaits a verdict from the Black community she has replaced her washrag with a loofah.


“I guess that’s a bit better?” says Mariam. “I’m still trying to process.”


While we aren’t sure if Silvia’s actions classify as Blackfishing, we commend Silvia’s efforts to convince white people that hygiene is not something to be afraid of but to be embraced!