Biden Promises to Prioritize Climate Change as Soon as It Is Too Late

In the latest feel-good story out of Washington, D.C., Biden’s approval of the Willow Project – one of the largest oil drilling projects in decades – perfectly aligns with his promise to prioritize climate change as soon as it is too late to do anything about it.


The Biden administration has made significant climate gains thus far by funding renewable energy and passing last year’s Inflation Reduction Act, but luckily, this one project will wipe those gains right out.


By approving the plan to extract 600 million barrels of oil from the Alaskan coast over 30 years, Biden has demonstrated the measured approach he is taking to going green by not going green at all and kind of doing the opposite.



Sure, the development will release the emissions equivalent of the entire nation of Belgium into the atmosphere, but that’s totally fine when you consider climate change is down to wait for a sec until we’re done. After all, we still have, like, minus-10 years before we start seeing damaging effects!


This approach ensures the United States will be fully carbon neutral by the time it’s way too late for anything to make a difference and we blow right past our clean energy goals into the unknown abyss of complete climate collapse.


You might be thinking, “Wait, didn’t climate scientists warn that we had to stop developing new oil and gas fields if there were to be any hope of avoiding significant global warming?” And yes! Yes, they did!


Representatives of the Biden administration say they feared they wouldn’t be able to oppose or significantly reduce the project, which had initially been approved under Trump: well, good thing they didn’t try! After all, better to wait until things die down and there isn’t much left to do!

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