Because ‘La La Land’ Lost Best Picture, I’m Boycotting Jazz

I was one of millions of viewers who saw the chaos of the Oscars’ Best Picture award last night. When La La Land was announced to be the winner, I was thrilled! But when the Academy came on stage and said they had made a mistake, I was so upset. That’s why, in protest of La La Land’s loss, I’m taking a stand and boycotting jazz.


La La Land is a super enjoyable movie about a lot of things—Los Angeles, ambition, and dancin’ around—but my favorite parts of the movie are when Ryan Gosling’s character Sebastian is talking about and performing music. But not just any music—a special kind of music called jazz. Have you heard about it? I hadn’t before seeing this movie but now I love it. And that’s exactly why I will no longer support jazz publicly. La La Land was robbed, and this is the only way to make them pay!



One of my favorite parts in the movie is when Sebastian explains jazz. They are watching jazz happening and he turns to Mia, Emma Stone’s character, to say, “Okay, listen, this is jazz.” I loved that part because I was like, wow! That is jazz! I am almost crying just thinking about that. How can that scene not win so many awards? As much as it pains me, I am going to throw all my jazz in the trash and that way the Academy will know they have made a mistake. The only jazz album I have right now is the soundtrack to La La Land, but in the trash it must go because this is a boycott!


Someone has to pay for this act of injustice, and it’s going to be jazz.


Yes, when I think about my life without jazz—the piano, the horns, and Ryan Gosling explaining how it works—I do get sad. Jazz is so new in my life, and I do not want to say goodbye. But that’s what a protest is. It means having to sacrifice something. So farewell to jazz… I hardly knew you, but I kind of knew you. I’m mostly sorry for everyone who hasn’t seen La La Land. If only there was another way for them to experience this glorious style of music!