Aw! This Little Girl Wants to Be an Astronaut Even Though She’s Not a Billionaire

In a heartwarming story out of of Sarasota, FL, 8-year-old Jamie Tervis is excited to become an astronaut when she grows up, even though she’s not even close to being a billionaire.


“I love learning about space,” says Jamie, who attends public school and doesn’t have a trust fund. “I would love to go up there one day!”


Ah, the gentle naïveté of youth!


Jamie’s teacher, Kristin Mendez, says she has been trying to gently guide Jamie in a more attainable direction.


“Jamie’s under the impression that all it takes to be an astronaut is hard work, dedication, and passion,” she says. “I’m not sure where she got that idea.”



“I don’t have the heart to tell her that what she really needs is approximately one billion dollars and a latent desire to own the moon,” she continued. “So, instead, I’ve been trying to redirect her enthusiasm towards more viable career paths, like teaching or being a doctor. You know, careers that don’t require you to have a billion dollars – just a couple hundred thousand dollars of debt.”


Jamie’s mother, Rosalia, however, wholeheartedly supports her daughter’s unrealistic career expectations.


“You know how they say, ‘Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars’? Well, whoever said that clearly had a poor understanding of space and where things are in relation to each other, and that’s still a pretty popular saying. It’s my hope that Jamie can also find success with a similar misunderstanding of how things work.”


Yes, we live for a supportive mom!


At press time, Jamie announced that she no longer wanted to be an astronaut, saying that she now plans to be a famous actress instead. Sources have confirmed that neither of her parents have any connection to the film and television industry.


We just love her blind optimism!