Sea Shanty TikToks Your Shipwrecked Husband Will Unfortunately Never Hear

The popular TikTok trend of users covering, remixing, dueting, and creating original sea shanties has recently taken the Internet by storm, much like a storm took your husband when his vessel violently crashed ashore a remote island long ago. All the same, you may as well enjoy listening to these three sea shanty TikToks that your shipwrecked husband Darragh unfortunately will never hear.


“Soon May the Wellerman Come” by Nathan Evans

Why not begin with the TikTok sea shanty that started it all? The young postal worker Nathan Evans brought this whaling tale to a new generation and revitalized the centuries-old shanty-esque ballad beyond anyone’s expectations. You know who would love this? Your seafaring husband Darragh who set sail upon the Atlantic all those years ago with nothing but a photo of his beloved (you) and an as of yet unfulfilled promise to return. Anyway, we think he’d really get a kick out of this, but probably he doesn’t have an iPhone on the island where he was shipwrecked.


“Soon May the Wellerman Come” Kermit the Frog Version

Only on TikTok! This is the mash-up we didn’t know we needed, just like the captain of Darragh’s fishing vessel didn’t know that he needed to not sail toward the craggy shoreline of a desolate island during a tempest, apparently. Regardless, we can all agree that Darragh would absolutely eat this shit up provided seeing it out of context didn’t make him lose his mind on the spot. But we needn’t worry about that because all Darragh listens to now is the wind and the waves lapping against the shore of the sandy rock prison he calls home. Really a shame just in and of itself but also it sucks he can’t check out these TikToks!


W.A.P Sea Shanty

OH would that he never ventured forth into the cruel sea on that fateful and wicked spring day. Had you not felt a dark chill in that March wind that penetrated, cold and damp, through clothing and skin alike so that you knew terror loomed over their voyage but could not bring yourself to argue with the sweet yet headstrong Darragh in vain? Well, yeah, because of all that, he’ll never hear this W.A.P sea shanty and that’s too bad because it could have been huge for him.



So next time you’re staring at the sea, eyes out for a blip on the horizon that could be your dear Darragh, consider bumping one of these TikTok sea shanties to generally enhance the vibe. And if Darragh does come home somehow, maybe don’t play these for him right away because they will probably be triggering.