Amazing! This Woman Spent A Whole Massage Thinking About How She Should Relax And Enjoy It More

A massage can be the perfect way to take that time and just de-stress, but not for Samira Mian! This inspiring 24-year-old woman spent her whole massage thinking about how she should relax and try to enjoy herself more during the massage.


“I’ve been working really hard recently and wanted to treat myself to something mindless. A half hour was all I had, so I thought, ‘I better make the most of this and just fucking relax,’” said Samira. “I just kept reminding myself every minute of the massage that this is the only nice part of my week, so if I’m not enjoying every second of it I’m wasting my time.”


Mian’s stress was obvious to the masseuse, who tried soothing her by telling her to relax and take deep breaths. However, this only led Mian to thinking more about how she needs to chill the fuck out because there’s only 15 minutes left and she hasn’t spent a single one unwinding yet.


Great use of that small break in your schedule, Samira!


“I just want to find an activity that doesn’t cause me to constantly stress about enjoying the time I’ve set aside to not be stressed.” Samira said playing with two fidget spinners at once. “I haven’t found that activity yet, but I’m going to keep searching with the same ruthlessness I apply to all aspects of my life. Maybe then I’ll be able to calm down.”



Later in the evening while trying to wind down, Mian put on a face mask while getting started on her to-do list for the week, which only made her think about how she should actually be at the gym, since she hasn’t worked out in so long.


“Fuck it. It’s too much pressure to trick myself into enjoying literally the ONE thing I’ve done for myself.” Samira said, choosing to furiously work on her accounting department presentation instead.


Keep up the stressful work Samira! You’re an inspiration to women everywhere who are dedicated to only thinking about work, because for some reason relaxation is panic-inducing.