Adorable Things to Whisper Next Time You Trip Balls

Everyone knows there’s nothing worse than being under the influence of a psychedelic substance without something cute to whisper. So next time your mental or spiritual state is majorly altered, don’t get caught unprepared. Instead, try adorably muttering a few of these phrases. Because who says hallucinating can’t be endearing?



What are you, an adorable litter of kittens or something? You certainly feel like it! And if you can’t remember “whoopsies” because there are ghosts dancing on your eyelids, mewing like a little kitten is just as charming, and indicative of your mental state. Either way, the other party-goers walking past you in the forest will know what’s up—you’re cute, and you’re tripping!


Any Sam Smith lyric.

As time dissolves and you enter into a new dimension, pull a Sam Smith lyric out of your pocket and whisper-sing it to yourself. Suddenly you’re not just a girl on acid, you’re one of those Anne Geddes babies posing as a cluster of grapes. Fucking CUTE! And psychedelic. Anne Geddes was def trippin’ and you KNOW those babes were trippin’ on the newness of life.



“Where’s the beef?”

Delight your friends or drug dealer with this catchy pop culture throwback. When whispered, it takes on an entirely new energy and will likely comprise the most precious moment anyone around you has ever experienced. People will want to take care of you and make sure you don’t wander too far into the lake.


They’re coming for us all.”

Guess what’s not a figment of your imagination? How dainty you seem when you vocal-fry this veiled threat. Your boyfriend will mistake you for those tiny bottles of Sriracha people carry on keychains because dammit, you’re adorable when you do acid!


“Aye Carumba!”

Is the world throbbing or are you just the sweetest thing anyone’s ever heard? Before you burst into a blubbering mess of giggles, make like Michelle Tanner and win over the room with your darling whispers. If they ask if you’re high, whisper, “You got it, dude.”


Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

Your mind may be forging new connections and seeing new colors, but don’t let that stop you from sounding cuter than a small town Texas football coach. Whisper this three times fast and give the world the gift of touchdown-level cuteness.


Now, no matter how unexpectedly high you get, you can center yourself with lamb-like whispers. So get out there and trip like the sweet lil’ thang you are!