Actually, I’m an Intersectional Men’s Rights Activist

Dude Corner

Identity politics are complicated. It can be easy for us to blithely ignore issues of race, class, ability, gender identity, and immigration status. I’m not afraid to say that I think beyond the basic tenets of Men’s Rights Activism that ignore the many complicated facets of privilege. That’s why I’m an intersectional MRA.


For me, the MRA movement lives or dies on whether or not it includes misogynists of all stripes. I’m vocal about the perils of men of every race, class, and gender (as long as that gender is “dude”). If we are going to succeed in toppling our boob-laden oppressors, it’s going to take all of our fedoras united as one. It’s not about straight white MRAs being nice to MRAOCs. We must work to undo the lies we’ve been told about nonconforming woman-haters in order to beat every level of this game.


No experience of oppression can be fully understood until we consider the consequences of race, class, and just one gender (a “cool-ass dude”). There’s room in this movement for all of us. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, queer, or anything in between; you have just as much right to fight against those conniving women who are constantly trying to accuse you of rape just because you like them.



We all know that men have shorter lifespans than women because their wombs give preferential treatment to girl babies. However, unlike other MRAs, I acknowledge that different men have different lifespans based on a number of factors, such as access to healthcare, past jail time, and dick size. We cannot allow de facto exclusion to keep us from telling women what they should do.


No; I don’t believe you should ascribe to the gender binary. As long as you’re a man.


No matter what your skin color or ethnic heritage, you have just as much right to talk about how attractive women oppress you.


It doesn’t matter if you are differently abled; you have the right to tell women to shut up on Twitter. Because you are a man, and that’s your right.


Now let’s talk about privilege. Female privilege is real and it affects men of all races, classes, and gender (“cool-ass dude who loves Buffalo Wild Wings”). Women get to sit on the bus when they’re pregnant. They get to keep and raise their kids all by themselves with no spousal support. They get to choose between career and family life. They get to pursue men their whole lives. Haven’t they had it too good for too long?


Let me put it this way: There’s no Susan G. Komen Race for Men’s Ass Cancer. If we want our sons to be raised in a world free of men’s ass cancer, it’s going to take all colors, shapes, and sizes of dude-bro.


Also, patriarchy is just like periods: a total myth.