8 Outfits Perfect For Watching Him Play Video Games All Day

There’s a new Madden out? Oh, hell yeah! Now you can finally sport that new “oh God Daniel please look at me” look you’ve been meaning to try. Here are eight meticulously planned outfits to wear while he explores virtual reality on a beautiful sunny day.




Sexy Fall Leather

Wear this hot new look while you still can! He’ll drop dead at the sight of you, or at least be extra inspired to kill strangers in Call of Duty.




A Glam Crop Top With Quilted Pants

Men love when girls show a little skin—it oozes confidence and sex appeal, which are things real-life girlfriends have. When he takes a break to go to the bathroom, he’ll be absolutely stunned and in awe.




Rock’n’Roll Chic

This outfit is perfect for casual dates, like bowling or watching him play video games all day. He’ll be sure to appreciate your low-key attitude.





This all black jump suit with red heels, inspired by Sandy from Grease

This bold outfit will say: “Tell us about it, stud. The newest Final Fantasy, that is.” Even better, this stunning outfit will squeak every once in a while to remind him you’re there, sitting next to him, spending your only day off together watching him play video games. Make sure you get the lipstick perfect!




A Wedding Dress

If he can manage to spot you out of his peripherals, his biological clock will be given a subtle reminder that it might soon be time for him to settle down. It’ll show him you really went the extra mile to look good for him and his friends!




Sparkly Party Dress

It’s starting to get dark outside, time to bust out the eveningwear. Match this fun and casual dress with a nice smoky eye for some extra sex appeal.





Princess Leia Steampunk Cosplay

Let him know, “LOOK AT ME DAMNIT. WILL YOU PUT DOWN THE GAME AND LOOK AT ME? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?” Moments like these, you almost regret being the “cool girl.”




Scream Mask and Robe

This outfit is unbelievably slimming and will sort of grab attention as soon as he finishes playing Grand Theft Auto V for the third time.


There you have it, ladies! These outfits guarantee a fun, sexy night of watching the TV with dead, unfocused eyes. Go get ‘em!