7 Inanimate Objects You Can Apologize to This Week

You’re a woman on the go! Your day is chock-full as you juggle work, family, friends, exercise, and of course, your apology quota! We all know you will involuntarily apologize for everything an innumerable amount of times this week. Well done! But, you can still up your apology game by working some inanimate objects into the mix! Here are seven inanimate objects you can say “sorry” to this week:


1. Potted Plants

Bump into a potted plant? Maybe overwatered it just a little? Looked at it wrong? A quick “sorry!” could help smooth things over. This thing produces oxygen, so don’t just blow hot air: apologize and mean it. It’s the least you can do.


2. Doors You Open For Yourself

Right off the bat, this is pretty pushy of you. You’re acting like you know where you’re going, know how to get there, AND are capable of getting there yourself?! If you’re going to be so bossy, at least nod at the door apologetically as you pass through it.


3. Things You Drop

You drop a pen at a meeting. You fumble a mitten to the ground. Someone else bumps into you, jostling your purse from your shoulder and onto the train tracks. Apologies to those items are definitely in order. Be better to things than other people are to you.


4. Spilled Milk

This may seem similar to number 3, but this particular issue demands special attention. There may be “no use crying over spilled milk,” but if you spill milk and are female, you must apologize, preferably while crying.



5. The Last of the Shampoo

Whether it’s the last drop of shampoo, soap, conditioner, or toothpaste, while you use the very last of it, say you’re sorry. Not because it’s all gone, but because you had the audacity to think you were worth using all of it. Why do you always ruin things for everyone else?


6. Your Bed

Talk about just using something for what it was made for. What’s wrong with you? Say you’re sorry, ASAP.


7. The Bad Wi-Fi In Your Apartment

It’s always SO slow! But, it’s your fault for expecting a system so broken to actually work, so c’mon, just say you’re sorry. And since you can’t actually “see” wi-fi, just utter your apologies aloud continuously as you move all about your home. The sentiment will be clear.


There you have it! Remember, this is just a list of a few – there are SO MANY MORE THINGS you can and should apologize to! Don’t stop apologizing!