6 Filling Snacks to Help You Forget That You Want to Fuck Charlie Puth

Like most humans on this Earth, you spend most of your time and energy fighting your unhealthy desire to fuck pop-sensation Charlie Puth. It’s an exhausting daily battle to not think about his buttery smooth voice or his slightly doughy six-pack. We get it! Here are some healthy snacks to fuel your body and help you briefly live a normal life free of dirty thoughts about Charlie Puth.


Berry Smoothie

A classic berry smoothie is a delicious and healthy snack packed with antioxidants and fiber to give you a midday boost. This treat will cool you down after a good work out or an especially detailed fantasy about Charlie serenading you while you cuddle with his black labrador. Did you know his dog’s name is also Charlie? It’s pretty weird, but that’s never stopped you from lusting for this inexplicably sexy popstar.



Not only is popcorn simple to make, it’s also whole grain, low-calorie, and high fiber. Add a dash of truffle oil or cheddar for a twist on a classic. Light and salty, it’s the perfect snack to forget about Charlie Puth’s shirtless thirst trap insta posts. Like that one where he was working out and you could see his upper thigh. Goddamn. Is it hot in here from this stovetop popcorn, or your uncontrolled arousal for the Puth? It’s the latter!


Avocado Toast

High in nutrients and antioxidants, this snack is full of healthy fat and will keep you full for hours. It’s a perfect dish to help you avoid rewatching all of those “Baby Charlie” videos. You know those videos where he uses the baby filter and lip-syncs to dirty rap songs. Why does that do what it does to you? Best to eat your avo toast and not interrogate it.


Ants on a Log

Celery with peanut butter is a light and crunchy snack to drown your thoughts of licking his hot eyebrow scar. Are you thinking about it? Okay fine, the celery didn’t work.



Mixed Nuts

You wouldn’t mind Charlie’s nuts in your-NO. Stop this right now.


Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic dish packed with protein. Oh, you just got a notification that Charlie dropped a new song. Let’s just play it real quick…a song about love and heartbreak?! FUCK! It’s all coming back. Just give in. Wanting to fuck Charlie Puth is part of who you are, and you can’t change that.


So next time you are all consumed imagining Charlie Puth absolutely wrecking your body, try one of these recipes. Your thoughts about Charlie Puth might be fucked up but at least you’ll be healthy.