6 Actors With Incredible—Oh, Crap, They’re Scientologists

Some actors are good, some are great. But a select few are not only amazing actors but also generous philanthropists and award winning producers and directors. Here are a few of the best of the— aw dang, they’re Scientologists?


Kirstie Alley

From Star Trek to Cheers, Kirstie Alley has been on the screen and in our hearts since 1982 when she played—oh god damnit, I didn’t realize she was a Scientologist. Come on, Kirstie.


John Travolta

Most known for his role in Grease, John Travolta continues to shine as a modern actor, with—Jesus Christ, him too? What is the appeal!


Elisabeth Moss

Everyone’s favorite handmaid, Elisabeth Moss has received high acclaim for her award winning roles in several—no, no, no. I refuse to accept this one. Not her. She literally stars in a show about a dystopia in which women are abused. Why would she be a part of a religion that does the same thing? It doesn’t make any sense. What is happening!


Juliette Lewis

From a teen heartthrob to a full-fledged superstar actress, Juliette Lewis has been making us laugh since her first major role in Cape Fear, where she played—you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me. Not Juliette! She seems so smart! Is it like a tax haven or something?


Nancy Cartwright

While many may not recognize her face, Nancy Jean Cartwright’s voice has been recognizable for more than twenty years, as she plays the character of Bart Simpson on the popular cartoon The Simp—holy shit, is there just nothing better for these celebs to do? Whose management is allowing this to happen? What the hell kind of publicists do these people have if they are allowed to publicly align themselves with this abomination of a not-even-religion. Just convert to Judaism or Catholicism or something! Be a Buddhist! Why Scientology? Please, I’m begging for any explanation!


Tom Cruise

Yeah, this one we know and makes sense kinda. He’s nuts.