5 Signs He’s Definitely Gonna Treat You Better Than the Last 35 Women He’s Dated

Starting a new relationship can be scary! Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether this guy who notoriously treats women badly is ready to turn things around, or if things will turn out the same way they did with the last 35 women he dated. If you’re looking for a sign that things will really be different this time, here’s what to look for those glimmers of hope:


He Said He Would

The best way to determine if your guy is going to treat you right is just to listen. He said he’s going to treat you better than his last girlfriend who he cheated on, and the one before that who he cheated on, and the one before that that he “didn’t technically cheat on.” And if he said it out loud to your face, it can’t be a huge load of bullshit! Right?


It’s Different This Time

The bond you have with him seems stronger than what you’ve had with past guys. And more importantly, he thinks you’re “different than all the other girls” which probably means that he won’t feel the need to make unnecessary comments about your body or be rude when he meets your parents. You’re different, so things will be different! It’s simple math!


He’s Really Cute

A telltale sign that he’s turned around is that he’s really cute. You really want this to work out, so he’s probably going to work hard to meet your expectations, right? Come on, he’s so cute, what can go wrong, besides what’s gone wrong with the last 35 women he’s dated? Look at that cute face! It’s soooo cute.


Your Friends Say to Give Him a Chance

Your friends were wrong when they encouraged you to date all the other guys you dated, but they are probably right this time! Except for your friend Becca who dated him and had a terrible experience. She probably just doesn’t know him like you do, though. It’s complicated!



You’re Not Even Sure If You Like Him

You’re not even sure if you’re gonna get invested in this thing, so why not just give this guy the benefit of the doubt? You’ve been going back and forth in your head about whether you even enjoy this relationship, which probably means he’s right for you and you’re just too suspicious to see it. Just go for it!


If you are on the fence about whether this guy will be better to you than the last 35 women he has dated, look for these signs. Or just ignore every sign that comes your way—it’ll definitely end up being great if you just believe!