5 New Baby Slings You Can Take a Dump In

As a new mom, you have a lot of questions. How much coffee can you safely drink while breastfeeding? When is the best time to pump during your workday? And most importantly, which baby sling will let you heed nature’s call (in the Number 2 sense) while safely carrying your little one? Luckily, we’ve done the research so you can focus on more important things, like napping. Here are our favorites:



1. Boba 4G Baby (Bed, Bath & Beyond, $127.99)1 Boba 4G

You crapped your pants and the folks at Boba listened. The new 4G model sits higher on the hips so you can unzip and evacuate while baby sleeps. And the name “Boba” really lets you know it’s a thing for babies. The sleek, urban design fits dad too, so your trips to the farmers market as a new family will be extra adorable! Don’t forget your bags!






2. Balboa Sling (Target, $59.99)Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.39.11 PM

So snuggly that go-to LA pediatrician Dr. Sears has leant his seal of approval! This structured ring-sling grows with baby from infancy to toddlerdom. Imagine the fun you’ll have identifying the different seeds in your stool—together! Cozy and educational—a real slam plunk in our book.







3. Storchen Wiege (WrapYourBaby.com, $132)3 Storchen Weige

You’ve increased your fiber intake to support good milk production, but who, in turn, will support you? Storchen Weige, that’s who. This German wrap-style carrier has the carefree look of the Moby Wrap without all the excess fabric and complicated folds. Engineered to bypass the waist completely, you’ll be pooping with ease while singing “Edelwiess” to your kinder.




4. Ergobaby 360 (Diapers.com, $159.99)4 Ergobaby

We hate to be trendy, but it really is that good! The ubiquitous maker of baby accessories produces a quality sling that seems tailor made for the act of maternal defecation. The front facing option spares baby the indignity of bearing witness to your base bodily functions and allows you to release your bowels without the scrutiny of a tiny person gazing upon you at your most vulnerable, like an adorable little sociopath.





5. Tula Ring Sling (CarryMeAway.com, $135)5. tula

For mamas who want a minimalist sling, it doesn’t get much simpler than the Tula. These gorgeous textile carriers come in a variety of patters that cleverly conceal any backsplash situations that may occur after a hearty, protein-rich meal. Coincidence? Maybe, but we think the folks at Tula knew exactly what they were doing! Just let go—this sling has your back(side)!





We had so much fun testing out these carriers and hope you’ll give one of them a try! Everybody poops, mamas—make sure to do it in style!