5 Feminist Bookstores to Marry Yourself In

It’s time to make a lifelong commitment—to yourself! For years, the patriarchal construct of marriage has been oppressing women, making us believe we are dependent on a man for economic stability and emotional fulfillment. Reclaim the institution (and have a little fun in the process) by throwing yourself a solo wedding for the ages! We’ve assembled a list of five feminist bookstores from across the country, any of which would be the perfect venue for hosting your self-celebration. Surrounded by decades of feminine wit and wisdom, your big day will be sure to go down in herstory!


  1. Antigone Books (Tuscon, AZ)

If you’re keen on finding a location that combines historical significance with a warm and sunny “destination wedding” climate, look no further Antigone Books. Established in 1973, Antigone boasts a collection of titles about border patrol issues, sure to keep guests engaged in lively banter during cocktail hour. And what better place could there possibly be for starting your own non-traditional “family unit” than a venue named after a character whose brother is also her father? Your choice to become your own wife will seem palatable by comparison!



  1. Bluestockings (New York, NY)

Still looking for that perfect “something blue”? This collectively owned New York City bookstore is the perfect backdrop for your intellectual affair. Boasting over 6,000 titles, a café, and an entirely volunteer staff, it’s a wallet-friendly option for when you finally commit to yourself! We’re sure they’d be more than willing to whip up a couple dozen more soy cappuccinos for your guests and point you toward their stock of politically minded children’s books—you never know what could happen on your honeymoon!


  1. Common Language (Ann Arbor, MI)

If you like your third-wave feminism with a side of men, this venue co-owned by Keith Orr and Martin Contreras is for you! With best sellers including lesbian fiction and trans studies, this LGBTQ establishment is the ideal place to gay marry yourself. Write your own beautiful chapter of lesbian fiction as you take your vows among the shelves. After all, you shouldn’t need a man—or another woman—to participate in the institution of marriage. #selflovewins


  1. Wild Iris Books (Gainesville, FL)

The dress, the floral arrangements, the seating chart—you have so many things to worry about when planning your bookstore self-love event! At this Florida establishment, one thing you won’t have to worry about is the favors. That’s right—come for the feminist science fiction, and stay for the hand-beaded jewelry and artisanal soaps. Spend your big day feeling like the rainbow goddess you were born to be!



  1. Northern Woman’s Bookstore (Canada)

For our feminist neighbors to the north: this is the only—we repeat, ONLY—feminist bookstore remaining in all of the great expanse of Canada. So book your commitment ceremony early, eh? And prepare to make your one-woman pilgrimage to Thunder Bay, Ontario. Here comes the You!


Let the books in these feminist bookstores see how much you love yourself and get gay married to yourself while surrounded by them! You may now kiss the books!