5 Exercises to Take That Stubborn Belly Fat and Just Sort of Jiggle It Around a Little

There’s no quick fix to getting in shape, but here are five easy moves that can help you take that extra chub and kind of jiggle it around a little. Belly fat can be stubborn, but it’s never impossible to wiggle those jiggly bits before setting them right back where you found them!


1. Some Crunches

We love this exercise because first and foremost, it requires you to lie down. Go ahead; just lie down on the floor. Nice, right? Now put your hands behind your head, and sort of raise your neck and shoulders a little—but only when you feel ready to stop relaxing. Now, do that nine-ish more times. That’s one set. Do one set for 30 days, and you’ll notice absolutely zero change in your abdominal definition whatsoever. But whatever, you moved that shit around until momentum just kind of stopped it!


2. Standing Torso Twists

This exercise is less fun because it requires the opposite of lying down: standing. Stand (ugh) with your arms one hips width apart and your arms out to your sides. Then, rotate your torso from left to right while keeping your legs straight. Note how long it takes your belly fat to catch up as you move from side to side. Boy, that burrito you had for lunch sure is swimming around in there good, isn’t it? Look at you! You’re like a vertical, rippling pond of flesh!


3. Plank?

To be honest, you’re going to hate this next exercise, because it’s so close to lying down, but isn’t actually lying down at all. Get down into a push-up position, then lower both forearms onto the ground. Hold the position here, and feel the weight of your stomach just sort of drooping below you. Wait, it’s actually touching the ground now, isn’t it? Why is it still jiggling? This is useless



4. Lying Leg Raise

This next exercise calls for you to lie down again. THANK GOD. Lying down feels great, doesn’t it? Why did you ever decide to get up and exercise in the first place? Anyway, flex your toes and bring your legs up to a 90-degree angle. Now, slowly lower them to the floor, and hold for 30 seconds once you reach a 30-degree angle. Watch everything kind of wobble around a bit, then give up as soon as it feels hard, which should be right away. Lie back and let your heaving breath do the rest of the jiggling.


5. Satisfied Tummy Rub

At this rate, that belly of yours probably isn’t going anywhere, so you might as well just embrace it. For this exercise, get up (ugh) and head on down to your local greasy spoon. Sit down (yay!), and order a stack of waffles. Eat all of the waffles, then sit back and pat your stomach, lowering your eyelids into a state of sleepy, waffle-induced bliss. Now, pinch your belly fat together and open and close it as if it is a mouth, speaking. In a gurgly voice, say, “Belly love waffles. Yum yum yum!” Repeat for 10 reps.


With these moves, you’re sure to move that stubborn belly fat around until you sit down again!