How to Fight Stubborn Belly Fat by Being Like, ‘Ugh, Belly Fat, You’re Being Such a Bitch Right Now’

You can work out and diet all you want, but sometimes a strict healthy routine isn’t enough to zap that stubborn belly fat. Though doctors and plastic surgeons offer many alternatives, including surgery, sometimes the best way to slim down is through some good old fashion calling that bitch out. Here’s how to fight stubborn belly fat by being like, “Ugh, belly fat, you’re being such a bitch right now!”


Say, “Ugh, belly fat, you’re being such a bitch right now!”

Start by just outright telling your belly fat that it’s being a bitch! Because it is! Your belly fat is a big fat bitch and it’s time you let it know. You can whisper to your bitchy belly or give it a stern talking to – all that matters is that you put this stubborn little flab it’s place. Sorry, bitch! You’re being such a cunt right now!


Scream, “Did you hear me, bitch?!”

If your belly fat won’t go away after being told that it’s a bitch, then you maybe just didn’t get your point across hard enough. Stare down your belly right it’s bitch face and scream, “Did you hear me, bitch?!” If your belly didn’t hear you the first time, it will now. BYE BITCH.


Eat the worst foods so your stomach knows it’s a bitch.

Let your dumb bitch belly know who’s boss by filling it with trash foods that make it feel like the bitch it is. That bitch thinks it’s going to keep you padded with a thick ring of fat? Not a chance. Choke and die on this gross food bitch.


Punch yourself in the stomach.

If all else fails, punch your bitch belly in the belly. Just keep punching that stubborn fat until it just fucks right off your body! You’re not normally like this but at some point, shit had to get real.



There’s nothing worse than stubborn belly fat that won’t go away. If you’re feeling down, just remind yourself that it’s not your fault – that belly fat is a BITCH! So stop stressing and just be like, “Ugh, belly fat you’re being such a bitch right now.” Then sit and watch the pounds just drip away!