5 Dumbass Presents That Will Make You Say, ‘Oh My God Aunt Francis This Is So Me’

Opening presents in front of family can be difficult – especially when it comes to Aunt Francis, who has always missed the mark with her stupid and useless presents. Come on, Francis! Here are five incredibly stupid presents that will force you to say, “Oh my god, Aunt Francis. This is SO Me!”


A Very Small Sweater

No matter how many times you tell Aunt Francis that you’re a size large, she still thinks the petite option is best. This Christmas, Auntie Fran will undoubtedly give you a sweater that reminds you just how gigantic you are, and the resulting sadness will make you say, “Aunt Francis! How did you know I’ve been looking for another navy sweater? You GET me!”


Custom Throw Blanket of Your Face

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if Aunt Francis didn’t take your high school senior portrait and have it custom printed on a huge throw blanket. This gift will definitely have you shouting, “Holy crap Aunt Francis, this is so funny! How creative! How…ME! Thank you so much!”


Zen Bonsai

An ornamental dwarf tree is never going to help you in any way, and if Aunt Francis knew you at all, she would definitely know that. This is guaranteed to make you feel a pang of disappointment before saying, “WOW YES THANK YOU!! I need more zen in my life! You’re the best, Aunt Francis!”



Keep Calm and Carry On Poster

This motivational poster was created by the British government in 1939 to prepare people for World War II. And honestly, Aunt Francis, you really get it! This is the kind of classic holiday gift that will make any truly disappointed niece yell, “Aunt Francis, holy crap, wow! I need wall art! I love this!!”


His and Hers Mugs Because “Someday”

So what if you’re gay?! When you open these adorable mugs, you’ll cry, “Aunt Francis, I LOVE YOU! THIS. IS. ME!!!!!!!”


At least she means well! Actually, no. Ugh.