4 Ways Your Beauty Routine is Killing You Without You Even Knowing That You’re Dead

Think your everyday beauty routine is harmless? Think again! The things that you do every day can actually be slowly killing you until you’re actually dead without having any idea that it happened! Here are beauty mistakes that can turn you into a literal walking corpse without you even knowing it happened over three years ago!!


Using Skin Cream Containing Mercury

Mercury is a carcinogen that poisons you through your skin, killing you slowly over time. Then one day, you wake up dead, which means you don’t wake up but you don’t really know it until you realize nobody’s really seen you since 2014. Read the ingredients on your skin cream. Do they contain mercury? If they do, you might already be dead and you didn’t even know it. Scary!


Spraying Your Hairspray Too Close to Your Face

Your hairspray is chock full of toxic chemicals that could kill all of you. By spraying your hairspray too close to your face, you could end up breathing in those chemicals, and dying from inhaling them. But you don’t even think you’re dead—you just think you’re going to a party. Next thing you know, your fabulous hair is too fabulous for a dead body that’s actually yours. You don’t feel dead, but guess what. You are.



Leaning Your Head Too Far Back When Washing Your Hair

When you tilt your neck too far back during your daily shampoo, be careful or you might end up snapping your neck from over-extension, then CRACK! You’re fucking dead!!! Now you’re walking around thinking you’re still alive, but you died in the shower without realizing it and now you don’t even have a head on your neck. So watch the fuck out!


Over-Cleansing Your Skin

Didn’t think you could die from over-cleansing your skin? Think again! You can die from any beauty routine and over-cleansing your face is no exception. Through over-cleansing, you get rid of the natural oils in your skin that stave off bacteria–including flesh eating bacteria. It could happen!!! Sorry to break it to you, but if you wash your face more than twice a day you’re not an alive person reading this article, you’re a dead person reading this article. Ahhhh!!!!


Remember to change up your beauty routine so you don’t have to wander the Earth like it’s Limbo! Booooooo!