4 Old-Fashioned Ways to Catch Him Cheating Now That The Instagram Following Tab Is Gone  

Until recently, it was so simple to keep track of your boo’s online loyalty, thanks to a certain feature on a certain social media app. But these days, you’ll have to get creative if you want to check up on whether he’s sneaking behind around your back. Don’t worry! We spoke to some of the least trusting women we know who knew what life was like before Instagram to find four old-fashioned ways to catch him cheating now that the ‘following’ tab is gone:



Make a dummy account on Tinder to catch his ass.

Perhaps the best way to replace one creepy, too-personal social media habit is with another – try making a dummy Tinder account! Use some pictures of a random Facebook hot girl that looks like your man’s type and swipe until the cows come home. You may think it’s farfetched that a man in a relationship would be bold enough to have a Tinder, but boy, you are wrong! If he’s liking hundreds of girl’s boob pics on Instagram, there’s a 20% chance he’s also on Tinder. This data is irrefutable, and this definitely won’t backfire!


Set a honey trap.

Does your dude have a bar or restaurant he frequents? If so, hire a pretty woman to catch him in the act! Arm her with a pair of hidden-camera glasses, then have her strategically give him sultry looks across the room, flirt with him heavily, and seal the deal with a goodnight kiss. By the end of the night, you’ll have irrefutable evidence that your guy is a cheating bastard (and that you should probably go to therapy for your trust issues)!


Hire a private investigator.

If you’re okay with putting your money where your mouth is if you really think he’s up to something, try hiring a private investigator. Although they’re expensive, having someone else doing all the googling and following him around will leave you with the time and clarity of mind to spend jumping to upsetting conclusions about what he may or may not be up to behind your back. Now that’s self-care!



IDK, just ask him? Like, in person??

Realistically, if you’re reading this article and legitimately trying to figure out a way to catch your boyfriend cheating on you, maybe just ask how things are going in your relationship, like, to his face? You’re probably right, he probably has a side chick. But if he doesn’t, y’all are obviously in a toxic place in your relationship if things have gotten to this point, and should probably have a talk. We know this is crazy, but it just might work!


Try any of these ancient, proven customs if you need to catch your boyf in the act in the Post-Insta-stalking era. But honestly, and it bears repeating, you should really see a therapist!