4 Drag Race GIFS To Lighten The Mood After Describing A Traumatic Racial Experience To Your White Friend

Roxxy Andrews Wig RuVeal

Remember that get-together in high school when Cody Farrow said, “Black girls are just uglier than other girls, it’s just a fact!” and everyone around agreed with him, even though you were standing right there and the party was at your house? Of course you do! That moment shaped the way you felt about yourself for years to come and is something you’re still trying to unlearn. But telling that story to your white friend is going to make the atmosphere real weird. Get the good vibes back by reminding her of this Roxxxy Andrews reveal. Underneath her first wig was yet ANOTHER wig. No one saw that coming, and RuPaul was gagged. Iconic! #WigUnderAWig