4 Amazing New Movies With Powerful Women That I Can’t Relate To Because They’re So Friggin Beautiful Oh My God

It’s amazing to live in a time where women are finally allowed to be the lead character in a few movies here and there. This representation is important because now I finally have women to look up to, but not actually relate to because they are so friggin beautiful, like holy shit! Wow. Here are the women who I wish I could relate to but haha YEAH RIGHT THESE WOMEN ARE FRIGGIN PERFECT:


Wonder Woman

Truly, as soon as I saw a bunch of strong women fighting I just started bawling. It made me emotional seeing a badass female superhero that has morals, strength, and literally the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen with my own dumb boring eyes. Seriously, if she looked at me in real life I would pass out. Female empowerment on the big screen is so important even if I can’t relate because I’m just your average pile of human trash compared to literal wonder woman Gal Gadot.


Atomic Blonde

Yessssss! Finally we get to see an amazing woman fighting ten guys at once on the silver screen. What a role model! She also kicks, flips and punches while keeping her bangs perfectly in place. I accidentally got bangs once because I got gum stuck in my hair. Also she’s like model gorgeous and I’m like, me, ya know? But it’s still so great seeing a woman as the main character in a high-octane action thriller!


Girls Trip

This movie has four times the jaw dropping female leads; Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall, and Tiffany Haddish. Jada is supposed to be a lame mom who no man would ever want to look at, yet as soon as she puts on a dress a bunch of guys are like, “Um yes please.” I tried the same thing and my friend Dylan said, “Why are you so dressed up?” and then walked away. I can’t relate at all, but boy is it amazing watching a story about female friendship!


Star Wars: Rogue One

It’s inspiring to see a strong woman in the Star Wars universe, that doesn’t have to wear a bikini in half the movie. But dang Felicity Jones is one smokin’ hottie, like she always has her mouth open just a little in a super sexy way. My mouth is always a little open because I get lockjaw from my TMJ. Yay, women!


Woop woop! Representation of steamin’ hot ladies is growing! I for one am happy and also a little insecure, but mostly happy? I don’t know, but wow these women are gorg beyond belief.