Salary Negotiation Tactics for When You’re Just Cool With Whatever Your Boss Thinks

Asking for a raise can be nerve-wracking. That’s why it’s important to prepare mentally before you enter negotiations with your boss. There are many simple tactics that can be employed to help you get the most of your request – but if you’re gonna just kind of nod and agree with whatever, here are some salary negotiation tactics for when you’re just cool with what your boss was thinking.


Don’t Talk First

Let your boss start the conversation. It’s important to let your boss start the conversation, especially since you’re not planning to interrupt her and disagree with anything she says. Let her continue the conversation and also let her have the last word. You’ll get what you get!


Don’t Get Emotional

Keep your face as still as possible to keep from showing disappointment. A good trick is to think about something else while your boss is breaking down her expectations of you for the next year. Plant your eye line at her forehead and drift off a bit. You’ll see if your salary went up or down in your next paycheck probably!


Lure Them In

This is a common technique to give you the upper hand in a negotiation. Lean back in your chair and use a low voice, it will force her to lean in closer to explain that bonuses won’t be that big this year so don’t be mad that you aren’t getting one. This isn’t really what you wanted but you know what, it’s fine.


Know Your Worth

Make a list of your accomplishments! Write them in a pretty font in your bullet journal that you keep at home and show no one. If she asks about your successes, play it cool! Be coy. You don’t want people to think you’re full of yourself, so give her a Mona Lisa smile and shrug! Next question!



Know Your Walkaway Terms

Stand up firmly at the end at the same time she does and exchange pleasantries. You’re done! Walk away!


With these easy tactics, you’ll be a negotiating pro in no time. Just remember: The key is to smile, nod, and agree that there’s just no money for raises this year. Okay!