Are You Pregnant? Take This Quiz Since The Real Test Is $23.99

Are you feeling a little different? Is your period running a bit late? Wondering if you might be pregnant is totally common, but don’t worry, girl! That pregnancy test might be $23.99, but if you take this quiz we can more or less help you get the gist without going out and buying a whole fucking test. Isn’t this what the internet is for? Good luck!


Have you gotten your period this month?

A. Yep, I got my period.

B. Nope, but my period is usually irregular.

C. Nope, and normally it is right on time, but let’s wait a minute because I’m not going to buy the pee stick cause I don’t have $20 to spare.


Have you noticed any queasiness lately?

A. Nope.

B. Yes, but I’m definitely sensitive to new foods.

C. Yes, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I went to Walgreens to buy a pregnancy test and almost threw up when I saw the price. Why are they so expensive?


How tired are you right now?

A. I’m well rested.

B. I’m tired, but I haven’t been getting much sleep.

C. I’m fucking exhausted because I trekked to the pharmacy for this dumb test and then had to leave empty handed and because I can’t afford the $23 plastic stick that will confirm whether I have a baby growing inside me. How are these not free??


How’s your mood?

A. The usual.

B. I’m sort of cranky. But it’s honestly just because I just saw how much pregnancy tests cost WHAT THE FUCK???

C. LIKE WHY? I’ve HAD IT with this fucking shit. I’m fucking EXHAUSTED and ANGRY and I don’t get why the purchasing of a pregnancy test is SUCH AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE!? Yes, I’m crying, go to hell!




Mostly As: Looks like you’re probably not pregnant. You’re experiencing no symptoms of pregnancy, but if you’re worried you should still take a real pregnancy test, even though you can’t afford it.


Mostly Bs: Looks like you’re probably not pregnant. You seem to be experiencing some symptoms of pregnancy, but we can’t be sure. You should take a real pregnancy test, even though you can’t afford it.


Mostly Cs: Looks like you might be pregnant! You should definitely take a test, even though you can’t afford it.