4 Activities to Do With Your Friend Who’s Only Available Because Her Boyfriend is Out of Town

Having a girl’s day out can be so much fun! It’s especially fun when Alana’s boyfriend is traveling for work and suddenly she has a whole free weekend to spend with you. Interesting! Well, since she’s finally around, here are some activities to do with your friend who’s definitely only available because the man she loves is out of town. Here’s to friendship!



A classic! Order some eggs benny, grab some mimosas, and bliss out on the fact that your friend was finally able to squeeze you in now that her guy is hundreds of miles away. Maybe even get some gossip in? You might as well get it out of your system now, since the next time you’ll be able to shit talk with Alana will be the next time her weird boyfriend has a bachelor party or something. Friendship is so special!


A Drag Show

If you’re in the mood for some lighthearted fun, why not try going to a drag show? It’s a great excuse to get a little drunk and let loose with your friend. And plus, it’s not like she’d ever be able to get her socially inept boyfriend to bring her to something like this, so it’s kind of a now-or-never situation. Get it in while you can!


Picnic at the Park

Looking for something a little more low-key? Grab some cheese, crackers, and fruit and pack a basket for a picnic in the park! Aside from being suuuuper Instagrammable, it’s a great way to spend some quality, uninterrupted time with your friend before fucking Kyle gets back and she’s lodged up his butt all the time. So cute!




The ultimate in relaxation! Throw in a manicure along with your pedicure, and you’ll both be feeling so zen that you won’t even notice that Alana got a text from her boyfriend and he’s at the airport and she was supposed to be there to pick him up and now she’s gotta run. Dang. Oh well, guess you’ll have to see her next time her chode of a man is out of town!


Try any of these fun activities the next time your friend is free to hang out, even though you know the next time won’t be until her boyfriend is not physically in the city and she has no other option. Have fun!