QUIZ: Are You in Love With Her, or Did You Just Like Her Outfit That One Time? 

Oh, matters of the heart: the unknowable tangle of love, lust, and loyalty that resides within us all, impossible to control and even harder to decipher. To fall for another being is a chaotic unraveling — a perilous journey most often undertaken with no guide. But not anymore! Because now you can take this quiz to find out, are you really in love with her, or did you just like her outfit that one time?


When you’re near her, what do you feel?

a.) Everything around us fades away, and I just want to be close to her. My heart pounds in my chest when she looks at me, but I don’t ever want her to look away. I could spend a lifetime in that gaze.

b.) Simply amazed by the way she pulled off those low-rise boot cut jeans that one time.


You’re closing your eyes and drifting to sleep. What’s the last thought on your mind?

a.) Does she feel the same way about me? Does she have any idea how often I go to sleep and wake up thinking about her laugh or a knowing glance we shared the day before?

b.) Oh my God, those jeans!!! I mean I would never even think to wear that, and she just looked so effortlessly cool. And with those sneakers? I mean big ole’ jeans right down to the sneakers, and she just looked amazing. Like a hot 90s cartoon character.


You’re explaining her to your friends. What do you say?

a.) She’s observant, radiant, kind — there aren’t enough words. I want all of my friends to meet her, and for her to become a real part of my life.

b.) I would mostly talk about the jeans, and then if they were receptive to that, I would explain the whole sneaker situation. Also, oh my God, did I say she was wearing the coolest button down? I should have taken a picture.


What do you want to ask her?

a.) What are you doing for the rest of your life?

b.) Where did you get those damn jeans?





Mostly A’s: You seem to be madly in love with this woman, and you should probably talk to her about it. Good luck, you sweet romantic, you!


Mostly B’s: It’s pretty clear you just liked her outfit. It’s crazy that you actually needed to take this quiz to see that. Also, cool it on the jeans.