3 Home Workouts That Will Never Live Up to Learning the Cha-Cha Slide in 3rd Grade

So you’re stuck inside and trying your best to do your part and stay there. Anyone is bound to feel a little cooped up in these circumstances, but it’s the perfect time to explore a new home workout regimen that’s simple enough for you to remember. Find out what you’re into by trying out these three home workouts that will not even come close to learning the Cha-Cha Slide in third grade.


Yoga With Adriene

This prolific YouTube yogi has a wealth of workouts to choose from, so whether you feel like finding your breath with Hatha or working up a sweat with a Vinyasa flow, either way, you can guarantee you won’t feel as engaged, present, and comfortably aware of your body as you did while DJ Casper first led you, with concision and confidence, to the left and then back now, y’all. Left foot let’s stomp? Pure bliss.


POPSUGAR Dance Workout

If you’re thinking that you can get back to your roots and workout through the joyful experience of dance, thus reliving that fateful 3rd-grade birthday party where you first got funky, then you’re not right. You can try out this relentlessly upbeat cardio dance workout, but nothing will compare to the collective effervescence of moving in perfect sync with your fellow 9-year-olds, then looking around to see if anyone knows how to do the Charlie Brown. If you had known then that was the most you’d ever enjoy exercise, you’d have been like, “What’s exercise?”



Cha-Cha Slide

At this point, it seems as though nothing will match that first high of following along to precise and manageable dance moves before ultimately earning the right to cha cha real smooth and even go to work. You may feel tempted to simply return to the instructional bop that graced the airways of the year 2000, leading us all to believe that the 21st century would be a lot cooler than it’s turned out. Well, you might as well, but make no mistake: It will not be the same because you will never feel as chill in your body as you did in childhood. Hands on your knees, hands on your knees, you cannot go back in time!


So try out a new home workout today and get that heart rate up! Remember, there is no wrong choice because nothing will ever be as right as the first time you did the Cha Cha Slide. Six hops this time!?!? That’s a lot!