At-Home Workouts You Can Do In a Public Park if You’re Hot Enough

No gym membership? No problem! These workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home, or outside in front of everyone, as long as you’re hot enough to pull these off in public. So get ready to sweat either at home or at the park, depending on how attractive you are!


Abs Blaster

This no-equipment workout is ideal for doing at home or in a park if the general population finds you easy on the eyes. If you’ve got a little pudge around your center, this is a great morning routine to do before breakfast. But if you’re already maintaining an evenly tanned, glistening six-pack, you qualify to take this workout into a public park! Don’t forget a push-up sports bra and booty shorts!


Cardio Kickboxing

This heart-pumping workout melts fat—and you don’t have to sign up for a single class! If you’re a beginner, this at-home workout is perfect for awkwardly jabbing and kicking into the air. You can uppercut with ease in the privacy of your living room, or in a park full of people if you’re hot! But only if you’re hot—don’t parade your amateur bullshit in public if you’re not a 10.


Yoga Flow

Stretch and unwind after a long day with this relaxing series of yoga poses. This peaceful flow is a great way to privately meditate after a long day… or publicly demonstrate how good your ass looks in Lululemon spandex. If your cat-cow looks less like a stretch and more like professional sexual display, feel free to do this flow in broad daylight in front of onlookers. Hey, we didn’t make the rules!



Butt Sculptor

Say goodbye to sag with these booty-firming moves! Sculpt the butt of your dreams with simple exercises you can do while brushing your teeth, checking your email, or waiting for someone to text you back. If this is more of an upkeep exercise for you, take this workout to the local park. Feel like you don’t want to force innocent park-goers watch you squat and lunge? Don’t worry about it—you’re hot!


Tank Top Arms

This upper body workout tightens and tones your arms so that one day you will be hot enough exercise in a public park! But until then, this at-home workout should be done in an oversized t-shirt in your living room with all the window shades down. Unless you’re already a babe, in which case ditch the couch and use a park bench for those tricep dips! Sure, those benches are there for people who want to sit and read a book outdoors, but you’re hot, so they won’t mind.


These at-home workouts are guaranteed to shed pounds, build lean muscle, and give you a jaw-dropping physique. But if you already have all that, please choose to do these exercises in front of whoever you want!