QUIZ: Is This Song Good Or Just From The 70s?

With so many different ways to find new music these days, it can be difficult to find quality tunes. And it can be especially tricky when you can’t tell if a song is truly a bop, or if it’s just from an old decade that brought you Donna Summer, Fleetwood Mac, and David Bowie. But don’t worry! We’ve created this quiz to help you determine whether a song is actually good or if it was just released in the 1970s.


 How did you discover this song?

a.) I found it through a Soundcloud link on Twitter.

b.) I heard it in a Buffalo Exchange, and the cashier working was wearing a suede vest with fringe and some oversized sunglasses.


Is there a catchy hook, a dancey chorus, and a solid bridge?

a.) Yeah, I could definitely listen to it again. Feels like it could be a good party song!

b.) Yeah, it sounds timeless. Feels like I could spin in a field wearing a long, flowy skirt and jamming out to it.


Could your parents listen to and enjoy the song?

a.) Maybe? I don’t think they’d get it.

b.) My mom overheard it and said “Ah, this brings me back to high school.”


Do the lyrics contain gratuitous references to drug use?

a.) I mean, yeah. Mostly lean.

b.) I mean, yeah. Mostly thinly-veiled weed and acid references.




Is the song by Cher?

a.) Somehow, yes.

b.) Somehow, yes.



Mostly As

It sounds like you just found a good song that you like. They still make them sometimes! It can be really fun to discover new music. Keep it up!

Mostly Bs

Hm, sounds like you just found a song that came out in the 70s. No need to spend a minute more wondering whether it’s actually good or not: it undeniably is. And be warned: we do not entertain disco disrespect in any form at Reductress. Hope this helped!