13 Plans To Make In The 45 Seconds You Part Ways And Never Follow Up On

You and your friend just had a pretty okay time together and are about to part ways: the perfect time to shout future plans back and forth at each other and never, ever, ever follow up on them. In the time it takes you to hug and walk in opposite directions, here are 17 plans you’ll make and that will almost certainly never come to pass:


Going Vintage Clothing Shopping!

Going to Goodwill sure seemed like a fun thing for friends to do when you were last-minute complimenting Lisa on her skirt, but you’ll never text each other about it, so who knows?


Hanging Out With Your Crazy Mutual Friend Marta!

You both loooooooove Marta sooooo much; she is such a riot. But this will never happen, because this was just a think you were saying to take up space in the conversation. Why did you even do that?


Getting Indian Food Together

Aw, you guys should totally get Indian together sometime! Your mutual love of palak paneer is not enough to bring this plan to fruition despite how excited you both were at the idea when it was halfheartedly brought up.


Getting Tickets To That Music Festival

This sounds sooo fun, but are you about to spend $300 to be stuck in a desert with your friend? Nope! She doesn’t really want to either, so it kinda works out.


Starting A Book Group

Do you both wish you read more? Totally. Will this plan be too logistically difficult to follow up on? Absolutely.


Having A Halloween Party

Neither of you had any good Halloween plans, and you probably never will.



Sending Her The Link To That Article You Mentioned

You even put a reminder in your phone when she asked you to send it to her, but when you see the reminder a few days later, you’ll feel like such a try-hard sending it.


Going To The Cool New Coffee Shop In Her Neighborhood

Her description sounded totally adorable. You’ll probably both go alone sometime.

Working Out Together

Aw, that is such a cool idea ! But there is a 0% chance either of you will get out of bed at 6 in the morning just to see your dumb friend.


Seeing The New Movie With Women In It

It was probably going to be problematic, anyway. Maybe next time?


Introducing Her To Cute Tyler

Haha, nope!


A Road Trip To San Francisco

Wayyyy too much planning. What were you even thinking?


Going To The Beach Off-Season

Keep saying this one until it’s summer again!


Since true friends are always better in theory than in practice, keep making those plans that are never going to happen, and maybe you’ll convince yourself you have a healthy social life!