How To Climb to Safety After Falling Deep Into That Thirst Trap

Social media makes it difficult to dodge all the thirst traps out there. But falling into a deep dark thirst trap is inevitable and if you don’t find a way out, you’ll be stuck in there forever. Here’s how to climb to safety after falling deep into that super sexy hunk’s total thirst trap.


Stay Calm

Your hot friend Blake just posted a shirtless photo holding a pug, but you can survive this. Take three deep breaths, and remember that everything is going to be okay. The best thing you can do for yourself is stay calm. It can be easy to panic, but this won’t help you find safety. After all, you’ll need to keep a cool head if you want to get yourself out of the trap. Wow, that was a nasty fall!


Look Around

So you fell into a deep thirst trap after revisiting that photo of Dev Patel holding a child at the Golden Globes. Even though you’re in panic mode, don’t forget that the tools you need are right in front of you. Take stock of what’s in the room with you and look for an object that will help you out of this deep trap. Maybe it’s a rope, or deleting Instagram. Maybe you’ll have to 127 Hours your way out of this and cut off your own arm with a pocket knife. You’ll know it when you see it!


Shout For Help

Some ripped dude just sent you a video of himself doing push-ups, throwing you to the bottom of a 30-foot trap. If you can’t find any tools nearby, shout for help. Jump up and down and scream, “Help I’m stuck in a thirst trap!” You never know who could be up there, unaware of the deadly thirst trap ahead. Chances are someone will help you out – Most people have fallen into a thirst trap at some point and will be more than happy to help a woman in need.


Call 911

If things don’t get any better, call 911. When the police see you at the bottom of a deep scary hole and Wilmer Valderrama in cargo pants pulled up on your desktop, they’ll question your taste for sure, but they’ll also understand why you made an emergency call. They’ll lower down a ladder to help you climb to safety cuz, boy, that was a deep and scary trap!


After falling into a thirst trap, use these pointers to climb out safely. But once you make it out alive, don’t get cocky. There are many more thirst traps to come! Sorry, but such is life!!