‘You Don’t Know How Pretty You Are,’ Whispers Man Who Doesn’t Know How Terrible He Is

Nick Abraham and Stacey Martin were one drink into their first date when Abraham whispered to Martin: “You don’t know how pretty you are,” having no one to tell him just how terrible he is.


“I thought that I might finally get to go on a date with a nice, normal guy,” recalls Martin. “Even though his dating profile did have a list of airplane emojis next to the seven cities he splits his time between, I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.”


“Stacey was thrilled about her upcoming date, but I was concerned because she wasn’t able to produce any pictures of Ben with a shirt on,” says her best friend, Karen. “When I brought it up, she didn’t want to hear just how awful that made him seem.”



As the big day approached, both Abraham and Martin were hopeful that a real connection might be in store. “I was could tell Ben was looking forward to hanging out because he texted ‘Hope ur not one of those shy girls,’ with a winky face, an hour before the date,” Martin said. “In retrospect, I guess that text said a lot about him as a person, but I’m not the type to say things like that to people.”


After uttering “You don’t know how pretty you are” after a long, awkward silence, the semi-compliment left Martin confused. “It didn’t feel appropriate to admit that I do know exactly how pretty I am. It was almost too stupid a statement to address,” she said. “Either way, I could tell he expected me to thank him or make out with him, so I high-tailed it out of there.”


As Martin left the coffee shop, Abraham yelled, “You also don’t know what you’re missing!”