Yikes! Tarot Reader Definitely Talking About Their Own Drama

Tarot Cards - Reductress

While 32-year-old tarot card reader Tai’elle Roberts has been reading tarot online for over five years, her newest video seems to be oddly more specific than the rest. 


Uh oh! Looks like Tai’elle is definitely coming for her own frenemy right now!


“This month, you’re definitely still reeling from the events between you and the person you thought was your best friend,” Tai’elle told her audience in her latest upload. “But you should know that you were in the right because no one should get mad about canceling plans a couple hours before you two were supposed to go roller-skating anyway.”


This came as a surprise to you since you haven’t made plans with any of your friends recently, and you also haven’t roller-skated since you were 13 years old.


“I’ve been watching this tarot reader for a while now,” you told reporters. “But recently she’s been talking about someone in my life who ‘never agrees with me’ and is ‘sabotaging me behind my back,’ which I guess could be true, but all of my relationships seem pretty healthy right now. Like, the healthiest they’ve ever been before.”


Hmm, interesting!


Tai’elle also made a point to explain exactly what this person looks like in order to better guide their followers.


“They have red hair, they’re tall, and they’re constantly copying your style,” she said. “Be very wary of this person. You may think they’re your friend, but really, they’re praying on your downfall.”


The details of this person weren’t especially helpful for you, however, especially since you don’t personally know anyone who has red hair.


“Maybe someone I know dyed their hair recently and I just didn’t know about it,” you said. “Afterall, I don’t wanna ignore the warning if she turns out to be right.”


Yikes! We’re not so sure about that!



The popular tarot reader luckily also provided advice for those that the message resonated with, which included carrying an evil eye, wearing obsidian stone, and bringing up the fact that the person in question once dated a Republican in college.


“That’ll show her not to mess with you,” Tai’elle said. “And then maybe she’ll choose not to judge others so harshly next time.”


Whatever you say, Tai’elle!