White Woman Posts Tutorial for Hairstyle She Made Fun of You for in High School

In a developing story, 26-year-old Whitney Logan just posted an Instagram tutorial about how to do “baby hairs”, the exact hairstyle that she relentlessly made fun of you for in high school.


“She doesn’t even need to do baby hairs. She’s white!” you said. “Plus, it looks so ugly on her. Why is she doing this?”


Other witnesses of the Instagram post, who were also made fun of by Whitney in high school, couldn’t agree more.


“She literally used to tell me it was so weird that I gelled my hair down on my forehead,” you told reporters. “And now she’s talking about her own ‘edges’? What the fuck?”


According to the video, Whitney tells her audience that in order to get the right supplies for the “technique”, they’ll need to go to their nearest beauty supply shop, which is interesting since she had never been inside of one until this year, let alone the “ethnic hair care” aisle of any drug store.


“You’re gonna need an edge brush and some gel,” Whitney continued. “My favorite one to use is this little-known brand called ‘Eco Style’.”



Many people of color who went to school with Whitney were also surprised that she was so willing to use a hair care product that she used to say “smelled so strong” and “bothered her to sit next to” in class.


In addition to the baby hairs tutorial, Whitney also added a ponytail extension to her hair at the end, which surprised many.


“I just think it’s funny since she would ask me if my hair was real or not so many times back in high school,” you said. “But I guess she finally realized that it’s none of her fucking business, now that she’s using extensions herself.”


At the end of the video, Whitney tells viewers that she came up with the idea for the style all by herself, and was inspired by no one.