Wow! When This Woman Couldn’t Afford Her Insulin, Her Whole Town Chipped in for Her Funeral

Ready for a heartwarming story? When the price of 28-year-old Susan Jenner’s insulin skyrocketed overnight, she could no longer afford to take it, causing her to take half of the prescribed dosage, which lead to a coma and death. But when the residents of her hometown heard this sad story, all of the other residents of Independence, Missouri chipped in to throw her an absolutely fabulous funeral!


Aww! What an amazing story of community.


“We all loved Susan and immediately rallied to support her,” stated Mayor Leanne Turner. “But with the projected lifetime cost of Susan’s insulin supply exceeding $400,000, there was really no way a single Kickstarter would ever keep her alive. So we decided the next best thing would be to honor her with a really beautiful memorial service and burial.”


With the proceeds of the funeral Kickstarter, the residents of Independence were able to purchase a totally gorge pine coffin, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when her BFF Michelle Gonzalez delivered a showstopping eulogy.


“Susan was a great friend,” Gonzalez eulogized. “We both loved drinking wine, watching Channing Tatum movies, and having vent seshes about how she was afraid she would die before she turned 30 because she couldn’t afford the medicine she needed to stay alive.”


Aww! Someone get us some tissues, because that is the definition of friendship!



“At first we were worried that the memorial would be too generic,” neighbor Jed Paulson explained. “But I think we all managed to band together and knock it out of the park.”


“If I only had one complaint,” Paulson continued, “it would be that it’s starting to get stressful to keep up with all the new GoFundMe pages raising money for medical emergencies. Maybe we could try making like, one big GoFundMe that we could use… to collect a large amount of money… that we could use to help sick people?” He paused and chuckled to himself. “Sorry if that doesn’t make any sense – it’s been hard to think clearly ever since my insurance stopped covering my antidepressants. That’s probably nonsense.”


Nonsense or not, one thing is clear: We are feeling all the feels! What an uplifting and inspiring story! RIP girl!