Wow! This Woman’s Only Skill Is Knowing Where She Saw That Actor Before

Some people are amazing artists, some are blessed with athletic ability, and some are brilliant communicators. 25-year-old Houston, TX resident Maia Turner is exceptionally talented at knowing exactly where she saw that actor on her TV before, and that’s about it!


Okay, brainiac!


“For some reason, I’ve always been great at remembering actor’s faces, knowing what I saw them in previously, and then checking IMDb to confirm that I’m right,” Maia told reporters while she burned water on her stove. “I might not be good at many things, or even a couple, but I can say that I’m extremely talented at watching TV as if I’m playing a matching card game.”


Slay, no-hyphenate queen!


While Maia is an expert at spotting actors in various media and knowing exactly which episode of Law & Order: SVU they once starred in, her sharp memory unfortunately only extends to that subject matter and nothing else.


“I have such a flawless memory when it comes to recognizing actors that I thought I could use it for other subjects as well, like learning a new language, or even just remembering new people who I meet in person,” Maia continued. “Unfortunately, my memory simply doesn’t work that way, unless someone I meet has been in something I saw on Netflix in the last six years.”


What a sort-of-genius!


Maia’s friends have also noticed this one-of-a-kind talent that their friend possesses, but they admit that they have complicated feelings about it.


“Whenever I watch a movie or show with Maia and think I know an actor from somewhere but can’t seem to put my finger on it, she always swoops in and saves the day,” Maia’s friend Abeo told reporters. “But I have to admit it can get kind of annoying when she talks over the dialogue during an important scene to point out every single actor, unprompted. She does that a lot, actually.”


Wow, she’s good!



While Maia’s one and only gift is identifying actors in whatever she’s watching, she has also tried her hand at other subjects, but to no avail.


“I may not be good at literally anything else, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried to be,” she said while trying to drink the water she burned and spilling it all over herself. “I’ve taken just about every kind of class you can think of, but my only talent remains continually pointing out people that no one even asked about.”