Wow! This Woman Doesn’t Believe in God, But, Like, Maybe???

In a riveting development out of Cleveland, OH, it has been confirmed that 23-year-old Quinn Hughley doesn’t really believe in God, but also, like, maybe???


“I didn’t grow up in a particularly religious family,” says Quinn. “Then as a teenager I went through my hardcore atheist phase, and now I’m over that, but I definitely wouldn’t say I’m religious, but I’m also kind of like, who knows?”


Wow. We count ourselves lucky to be able to witness this spiritual journey in real time.


“I know I don’t believe in God like the Bible character,” Quinn says. “But I do feel the presence of a higher power in nature, so I’m not saying God is some old man in the sky with a big beard, but at the same time, maybe he is that? Could that be it? Or God is that and also other things? Or sort of everything and nothing?”


The mysteries of the universe are vast, but Quinn’s theological exploration might just provide us with some answers, sort of???


“I have no reason to believe that any specific religion got it exactly right,” Quinn says. “And for that reason I remain generally agnostic, but at the same time, I do pray to the Lord Jesus when there’s turbulence on a plane or when I have a really bad cold, and so far that hasn’t not worked.”



While Quinn has generally kept hush-hush about the God thing because conservatives “made it weird”, she is glad to now be able to talk openly albeit with no more precision.


“I totally get that faith is all about belief in the absence of tangible proof,” Quinn adds. “But since I’m more God-curious, I feel I would really benefit from some hard evidence. It’s kind of like how I was pretty sure I was bi before I ever slept with a woman, but then after I was like, okay I’m definitely bi.”


“I hope God doesn’t get mad at me for saying that,” Quinn adds. “But no, I know He won’t, because I don’t believe in a God who’s judgmental or queerphobic. I mean, I don’t even believe in God at all, but if you’re listening, sorry for doubting your existence and please send me to Heaven when I die, and also there are a lot of things about the world that could be better, but I’m not sure what is or isn’t your jurisdiction, but anyway, just flagging it. Also if you can confirm your existence for me in a non-scary way, that would be great, but no worries if not.”