How to Believe in Yourself as Much as This Woman Wearing White Pants

white pants

It can be hard to believe in yourself, especially when life gets hard. But other people somehow manage to do it, and one of them even has the gall to be wearing white pants right now. Like, seriously? How?? If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to find even a fraction of the audacity and self-confidence of this particular woman wearing white pants, here’s how:


Know that whatever happens today, everything will be fine.

Sure, there are lots of things that could go wrong today, but how bad could it really be? This woman wearing white pants knows exactly the kind of risks she’s taking, but she lives her life without constantly worrying about the worst-case scenario. And if she gets a hot sauce stain at breakfast or a surprise period at lunch, she’s not gonna worry if people see it all on display. Her life is gonna be just fine (she has a spare pair of white pants), and so is yours, so just enjoy it!


Remember that it’s good to stand out.

Sure, lots of people try to hide behind dark clothing because they don’t feel worthy of taking up space in this world. But this woman? She wears white pants with reckless abandon, even if it’s not flattering! She knows what really matters in this world – her own self-worth, and the freedom to wear white pants in April.


Remind yourself: There are no rules.

We all timidly abide by so many insignificant social rules, and we rarely ask why we do. So why can’t we wear white before Memorial Day? And why can’t we wear white while camping, exercising, working in the yard, or mud wrestling? All these rules do is make us feel confined and limited, when in reality, we have so many options available to us, as this woman wearing white pants is demonstrating without remorse. We don’t know how she does it, but we desperately want to try!


Wear white pants.

We’re assuming this is the primary reason why this woman’s vibe is so powerful.


It’s good to remember that believing in yourself starts with one person: you. Followed promptly by this woman. We know you can do it, just like she did!