Wow! This Plant Requires Very Little Water but You Have to Sing ‘My Humps’ to It Three Times a Day

In a fascinating story from Brooklyn, NY, Adele Nassim discovered that her Aloe vera plant didn’t seem to respond to her watering regimen, but it did respond extremely well to her singing the Black Eyed Peas classic, ‘My Humps’.


Isn’t nature amazing?


“After watering it once a week, as guided by the plant app I downloaded specifically for her, she wasn’t doing well,” she says. “I tried everything: expensive dirt, potent fertilizer, words of affirmation, but nothing worked. But when I happened to put on a throwback playlist of early 2000s jams, she immediately started to perk up!”


“When I started singing along to ‘My Humps’, it was like I could really see the life returning to its leaves,” she says. “But I realized it really only works when it’s sung directly by me, which is flattering, but kind of a lot of pressure, considering that it will wilt if I don’t sing to it three times a day.”


We’re amazed that the only nutrient this desert plant really needs is the sound of you imitating Fergie over a Will.I.Am beat.


“The plant also likes when I wait for it to sing the Will.I.Am parts of the song too,” she added. “It doesn’t even need water or sunlight anymore.”



Okay, this is getting kind of weird!


“Anyway, the commitment of singing the five minute and 27-second song in its entirety three times a day, which I must do because the plant does not accept the radio edit, has definitely taken a toll on my work and social life,” Adele says. “But at least I don’t have to think about watering it.”

While the plant won’t drink water, it will get drunk off your humps. So remember to keep singing this 2000s classic and watch this beauty thrive!