Wow! This Man Is Faceblind, Except for When It Comes to Hot People

In an amazing scientific mystery yet to be explained, Allen Rodriguez seems to suffer from a rare form of face blindness – he is unable to remember the shape and qualities of people’s individual faces. Unless, of course, they are hot.


Rodriguez has to repeatedly re-introduce himself to people, as he has no recollection of meeting them before. Remarkably, however, he does not suffer this fate with people who are very attractive, be they powerful people in his industry or the waitress at his favorite restaurant.


We simply can’t figure out what lies beneath this medical mystery!



“It’s crazy, but my brain just does not recall faces, even people I’ve known for a long time,” explains Rodriquez. “Unless someone has like, a super symmetrical face, flawless skin, gorgeous eyes and then it’s like, uh… duh! That’s Stacey from the gym!”


Rodriguez cannot remember the faces of his own cousins, but recently turned to a model-like receptionist at a building he was visiting and said, “You were here last month, right? Jessica? You were wearing glasses that day.”


Shockingly, he was correct.


One expert in face blindness, Sterling Acton, hypothesizes that Rodriguez may not be remembering the faces of hot people at all, but uses the memory of their bodies to help him recall when they met.


“To be fair, a nice set of boobs is hard to forget,” Dr. Katrin Schall agrees. “But at the end of the day, we really may never know, scientifically, why this is happening.”