Wow! This Guy Majored in Communication but Is Awful at It

Travis Sondland, a 25-year-old who majored in Communications Studies at Syracuse, loved communication theory from a young age, despite the fact that he is remarkably bad at it in practice.


“Travis loves to say things like ‘the medium is the message’ and point out different examples of communication theory in the world,” says his longtime girlfriend, Sondra Lahey. “But when it comes to talking about his own feelings, he just shuts down. It’s like he doesn’t even know how to do it.”


Travis, who knows all about Attachment Theory but nothing about apologizing, wants to become a news anchor, even though he didn’t even know how to explain himself clearly when he left the toilet seat up for the fifth time this week.


“I really love to study the nuances of mass communication and how the media works,” says Travis, who doesn’t understand why so many people have blocked him on Twitter. “The more I learn, the better I can approach it as a true science.”



Wow! We had no idea someone could spend so much time on something without even remotely improving at it!


”Travis definitely spends a lot of time thinking about how other people communicate,” says Sondra. “I wish he spent even half the time thinking about how he does.”


What an incredible reminder of how surprising humans can be! Good luck, Travis – it looks like you really need it!